Quick and easy Cassandra backup

As you know Cassandra offers several of it’s own backup tools like:
Snapshots,sstable2json etc..
Sometimes these tools require copying\moving files from directories to other directories and really it’s not something that I want to be doing just to simply export\importing small keyspaces. Sometimes you just want a quick and easy backup of your entire DB\key space to smoothly import into you development enviornment.
That’s how I found the tool Cassandradump by gianlucaborello:

github project link : https://github.com/gianlucaborello/cassandradump

This tool is so intuitive so easy just want I was looking for.

How its done ?

wget the link:

wget https://github.com/gianlucaborello/cassandradump.git

Go to the folder

cd cassandradump-master

run the backup tool as such (to backup the entire DB):

python cassandradump.py --export-file /path/to/dumpfile.cql

Done !
To import the file log in to your wanted DB and run the command:

cqlsh> source '/path/to/dumpfile.cql'


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